Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aprons for Mommy and Me

I found this pattern-an old-fashioned apron sized for little girls. I couldn't resist making one for Gracie, in pink of course.

It took two packages of double fold bias tape to bind the thing. Also about five hours of work. I can usually turn out an apron in less than an hour but not this one. The bias tape did make for nice detailing, though.

It has buttons in the waistband with two buttonholes on each strap.

I bought all the fabric on the bolt and had enough to make Mommy one too.

Gracie wanted to go right home and bake a birthday cake for Sam-never mind it's 11 months until his next birthday. Her mom explained that they could bake other things before then.

Then I cut these out:

I have a high school reunion this weekend-dress casual-but of course I want to look classy without anybody knowing how hard I worked to achieve it! I cut out two blouses and a new pair of black capris. The black and white blouse is done, and now that I have thread (a 20-mile drive) I can do the lavender one. The capris will take no time, I can sew this pattern with my eyes closed. Actually the pattern is one I created to make better fitting pants. The black and white top pattern is also my own freezer paper creation. I really only have tomorrow to finish them so wish me luck!


  1. How pretty. The pink and green is gorgeous! I keep saying that I'm going to make an apron, but never get around to it.

  2. That is an adorable apron. I made my daughter one that had bias tape around all the edges and it took me forever! It seemed like it anyway. I would love to see your capri pattern. that is all I wear around here from March until October.


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