Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finally Done!

I finally got the log cabin blanket finished!  It got so hot this summer, I didn't work on it much, and I kept running out of yarn, which kind of defeats the purpose but there ya go!  It's 10:00 PM and I just finished it-no sunny picture but I did snap it on the floor of my office.

I stuck my foot in there so you could see the true size.

It kind of took on a personality of its own-I didn't plan on it being so bright-but I have a ton of bright orange and bright yellow that I've had for years so more bright yarn went along with it!

And since a couple in our church just had a baby I decided to tackle one of those baby slings.  I like it-wish I would have had one like it for my kids!  We did have backpacks, but nothing that a tiny baby could be carried in, and nothing cuddly.  Sydney was with me when I picked out the fabric, so:

I had a terrible time finding the rings they use for these.  I thought I was going to have to order them, but someone suggested the local farm supply store, and voila-hog rings!  There isn't a baby born that could break these things!

I'm working on an outfit for Gracie.  She is hard to fit, so I'm tweaking a leggings pattern for her.  I have some things ready for a fitting-tomorrow is Isaac's birthday party so we'll have a little fitting party too.

Now off to put the afghan on Stan's chair so he'll be surprised in the morning!


  1. I hope the new baby is a boy:)

    Love that log cabin blanket. It turned out just perfect. Stan had to be impressed.

  2. Your log cabin blanket turned out fantastic -- love the bright colors!


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