Friday, September 14, 2012

My Baby

I promise I will get around to posting my work, I've been productive but haven't taken the time to sit down with my laptop.

The baby I'm talking about?  I've been looking for a realistic baby doll to use in my Etsy shop photos, and I stumbled across a nice one at Walmart yesterday.  When I pulled it out of the bag, both dogs went nuts.  It looked so much like a human baby they had to examine it closely.  They finally decided it didn't smell like a human, but I put it up in the sewing room, just in case they decided it was a toy.

Chloe is worrying over her new baby!
Now I just need to make some baby things to photograph for my shop!

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  1. Quite the reaction from the dogs! They don't miss much. Maybe you should have picked them up each a new toy!!


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