Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Week

I don't mean to lump all my week's activities together, but lately it seems to work out that way.  Wednesday we had a quickly arranged potluck of Stan's cousins.  At one time there were 60 cousins-grandchildren of Opa and Grandma Kamps.  Time has gone by and some of the cousins have passed away and we're all getting older.  There are only two of Opa and Grandma's children left, the two youngest boys, Uncle Bert and Uncle George.  Stan's mom was the most recent to pass away.

Gretta hugging Judy.  Gretta and her husband hadn't been to Montana in over 18 years.

Sharing a laugh.

Tressa, cousin John's wife.  John is the oldest living cousin.

Uncle George chatting with cousin Teddy.

Catherine, Aunt Grace (Uncle George's wife) and Judy.  Judy is married to Stan's brother Harold.
How this all came about was an anniversary open house for Uncle George and Aunt Grace-70 years!  Some cousins came to Montana to help them celebrate, so we decided we hadn't had enough gabbing time!

Then Stan and I drove to Great Falls to celebrate Sydney's birthday.  We drove up yesterday and came back today.  Steve went up on Thursday, driving a flatbed truck, minus flatbed, from work.  Yesterday we followed him all the way north to a little town about 60 miles from the Canadian border.  There was a company there that would put a new flatbed on for them.  Lots of driving yesterday!

We returned to Great Falls and had some fun:

Birthday gifts from the cousins.

Grandma and Grandpa gave him the Cars 2 WII game.
 We had a nice dinner at a steakhouse.  (I know-crazy kid!)

Today we picked them up and went for a late breakfast.  We had just about 1 1/2 hours left so we spent it at the "duck park."  A beautiful park with a huge pond and a large playground.  A nice picnic area-there were many families having after-church lunch.


We didn't have any bread with us, but we did have homemade ginger snaps, so that's what the ducks, geese and gulls got!  Hope they didn't get tummy aches!
Then we returned Sydney to his mom, actually his mom's friend who was going to watch him for a couple of minutes, and we sadly drove away.  Steve was pretty quiet on the way home.  Summer is going to be really long.  And his mom wants him to spend next winter in Great Falls, but we are going to fight that-not going to happen!  Pray for us on that one!


  1. Lots of busyness in your lives right now. How are you feeling by the way?

  2. I am feeling sooo much better! Acupuncture is just the ticket to heal things. The two days of riding in a car didn't leave me in any pain-yay! A little sore yet, but not even close to what I used to have.


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