Monday, May 28, 2012


We had a busy weekend-a housewarming party, a graduation party, church, and I fed the workers at the church on Saturday.  So today we took it a little slower.  I fixed waffles for breakfast, then we drove to the cemetery to put flowers on our parents' graves.  Then I called the boys-Millie is in New Orleans this week, so Jim is alone with the kids-and invited them all over for a burger.  Steve did most of the cooking, something he loves, and we just had a nice leisurely evening.

Lounging around eating burgers.  Note Isaac on the exercise ball!  And see the doggie cleanup crew?
Then-after Jim and his kids left, Syd got on our little bike and yay, he rode it for the first time!  That's two grandkids that learned to ride their bikes in our driveway.  And with the same bike Stan got from the neighbor that had a "free" sign on it.  It's been a pretty useful thing to have.

Look at the utter joy on his face!
Now for some Monday night TV and early bed.  Still fighting the back thing, but it isn't as bad as it was.  If the chiropractor doesn't do the trick, I'm going to get acupuncture.  My massage therapist and the neighbor have both recommended the same guy so I think that's who I'll go with.  I'm going to lick this if it kills me!

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  1. Nice to have family spend the holiday with you. Everyone looks so relaxed. Syd does look so ecstatic, "I did it, I did it!!"


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