Sunday, June 3, 2012


Another busy weekend.  A graduation party for my niece (so proud of her, she graduated a year early and is going to nursing school), a cookie baking frenzy for church, our monthly Bible study, and the hardest thing of all-seeing Sydney off for Great Falls to stay with his mom for the summer.  It's kind of hard when we've been a constant part of his life to have him gone so long, but he has his own phone and we'll be making trips up there during the summer.  We'll be going in two weeks to celebrate his birthday.  And we have four more grandkids in the area to spoil.

Got the garden planted-we had the joy of harvesting some things that had volunteered.

Cilantro-as good as the Mexican and a thousand times better that what you get in the US supermarkets.  It's in the frig waiting to be used in cooking.
Spinach-there was enough to cook-yum!
We also had quite a bit of red leaf lettuce-enough for two meals.

And our irises are blooming.

I'm going to call an acupuncturist tomorrow.  The chiropractor helped immensely with the back spasms, but I think I need to deal with the sciatic nerve more aggressively.  The guy I'm going to call is highly recommended.  Maybe he can work on my allergies, too.

Gonna be 85 degrees tomorrow-c'mon summer!


  1. Yummy veggies and from your own garden, lucky you. 85F, we are cool and damp and I am wearing pants and socks and a sweater and that is inside!

  2. It took about 3 acupuncture treatments to relieve my sciatic nerve pain (although I did feel some improvement after each treatment) so don't give up if you don't see huge improvement after the first treatment (although my MIL had complete relief after just one treatment). I hope it gives you some relief!


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