Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Better Late than Never?

I am so behind on things.  My back went out and between sitting in the hot tub every day, doing the exercises, multiple visits to the chiropractor, I've neglected a few things.

Like my son Dave's birthday.  Haven't even sent his gift yet-his birthday was the 21st!  I am a bad Mommy! 

Anyway, a belated wish to my middle son.  Love you, Dave!

Dave and Laura in Mazatlan
I'm getting a yen to take a trip to Austin to see these guys-miss them a lot.

Oh, and the back is getting better so maybe I can get caught up.

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  1. Oh sorry about your back!! I'm sure your son will forgive you....but are you OKAY!!!!! I think you and Stan take too much on day after day!!!


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