Monday, February 6, 2012

Still There

They're still not satisfied with Stan's kidney numbers so he gets to spend another night.  He seems to be totally fine with it, and was watching TV with his eyes closed when I left.  Still praying-kinda like having him around.  They did an ultrasound today, and we thought the kidney specialist would be in to give us the results but he didn't show.  I gave up and left at 7:00.  He'll be in to see him in the morning, I'm sure.

Had a neat thing happen at the restaurant where I had dinner.  Our favorite restaurant is "Fiesta Mexicana," a real Mexican restaurant owned by a family from Jalisco.  We have gotten to be pretty good friends with them.  Tonight when they found out Stan was in the hospital, I got hugs and well wishes, and they each spent a little time with me.  Then when they found out we are hoping to go to Mazatlan, I got suggestions for food to order in the restaurants.  So nice to feel like we're part of their family.

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  1. Time for a new update although we are still keeping Stan in out prayers and sending out lots of positive thoughts your way.


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