Friday, February 10, 2012

How We are Doing

Stan is doing just great-he even shoveled the driveway today.  He's done dishes, taken out the garbage, finished the crossword puzzles in the newspapers he missed.  I picked up his diabetes meds-very cheap, thank goodness!

The timeshare people called me to let me know that they had a room for me on that extra night, so I called and cancelled my reservations at Playa Mazatlan.  As nice as the hotel is, I am glad we don't have to move off the resort.  Things are coming together.  My cousin offered to take us to the airport, so now I just have to find a sitter for one dog.  Jim and Millie are taking Chloe, but with their houseful of kids and a big dog, Merlin would have been too much-he's a bit high maintenance.

We were laughing about the lack of snow and how we would feel bad about leaving such nice weather, but that changed today.  It's been snowing all day-the kind that makes the roads super icy.  When I got on the Interstate to come home, there were four accidents in a mile and a half.  I made it home just fine, but I don't think we'll leave Manhattan tonight.

My massage therapist asked me to shorten the sleeves on her college professor's suit jacket, so that will happen tomorrow.  He needs it before we get back.  I'll just take a massage in payment-very fair to me!

Well, it's time to make supper happen-after 43 years of marriage I am very tired of that job.  Maybe we'll eat out.


  1. Nothing like a planned trip to Mazatlan to quicken the healing time!!

    Amazing how the hotel worked out, perfect. I was kinda worried about you having to change in the middle of Carnaval.


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