Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coming Together

Carnival floats from last year.

Well, for such short notice, the trip is coming together quite well.  We booked three nights at the resort, from the 16th through the 18th, but we were missing one night's lodging because our timeshare had no units for Sunday night the 19th.  So I booked a room for us at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan.  This is a beautiful old hotel right on the beach in the Golden Zone.  The food there is marvelous.  Then we will go back to the timeshare for the last 9 days of our stay.  And when I booked the hotel, I was able to use my PayPal account, so one charge won't make it to my credit card.

Getting plane tickets is always a chore, but Contessa turned me on to booking one way tickets.  It used to be much cheaper to do round trip, but not any more!  And this way I could get us the best itineraries-both ways.  There's always something you don't want, either on the trip down or on the trip back, so this way you can be more choosy.  There are getting to be dozens and dozens of travel sites nowadays.  Anyway, we don't have any red-eyes and I got halfway decent prices. 

I just can't believe we are going to do Carnival! 

Now just have to arrange dog care, stop the paper, pay the bills, do laundry, pack, arrange a bowling sub, arrange a cook sub for a church ministry, and get my sub for church secretary.  Already did that last one-in gratitude for filling for me during my surgery and recovery, we gave her a smoked turkey.  She loved it, so she was quick to agree to do the bulletin again!

Stan is sick today-has an infection.  The dr at the Urgent Care was concerned about his fever, chills and white count so she gave him IV antibiotics before she sent him home with a prescription.  And she wants him to come back tomorrow to check his white count again.  Poor guy-right now he doesn't look like he feels much better.  He hasn't had much to eat today, so maybe supper will help.  I have a lovely ham and sprouted bean soup simmering on the stove-smells heavenly!

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  1. sounds like great fun -- hope your hubby feels better soon and he doesn't pass it on to you!


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