Wednesday, February 8, 2012

He's Home

Apologies for not posting last night, but I was exhausted and just crawled into bed when I got home.  Stan is home and doing well.  We got very frustrated with the hospital because nobody gave us any answers.  He ended up staying an extra day simply because somebody forgot to take his bloodwork in the morning.  The kidney guy had to chase a nurse down and order it.  By that time they had committed to keeping him there last night.  And by that time I was getting ticked!  We kept asking anyone who came in his room what the score was, and were promised we'd have answers but those answers didn't come.

Finally this morning he got a new nurse who seemed to be more on the ball than the others.  It was after 10:00 and the Dr. hadn't been in yet.  When the nurse walked in I hit her with, "Just what the heck is going on?  We have no answers or concrete diagnosis and we think it's stupid that he had to stay last night!"  She immediately went after the doctor.  Of course he came while I was in the ladies' room!

What we found:  Stan has Type 2 diabetes.  This is what caused the kidney infection.  We have been watching his blood sugar closely for years because diabetes runs heavily in his family.  We were hoping that, at the age of 69, he had escaped, but no such luck.  It finally caught up with him.  The Dr. prescribed pills, plus extra antibiotics just in case he had kidney problems while in Mexico.  He doesn't want Stan to start the diabetes pills until after the trip, just in case there are unpleasant side effects.

Anyway, he's home and happy.  I'm happy he's home, too!


  1. So glad he is home and with a diagnosis that is treatable. You both must be exhausted. Glad to hear the trip is still on.

  2. Well, glad you have some answers and that you still get to go on your trip -- It's amazing how strong genetics can be -- he's done well to have kept it at bay this long!


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