Saturday, January 21, 2012


I really have been crafting-mostly knitting, but today I finished this for Gracie:

She has been wanting a tutu for a long time.  She takes ballet lessons and the class is pretty laid back, so I'll bet she wears it to practice!   It's a really simple pattern.  I cut a piece of elastic to fit her waist and sewed it into a circle.  Then I cut tulle into 6" strips, then cut the strips in half.  Then I put a light pink and a dark pink strip together and tied it on the elastic.  I used 11 yards-5 1/2 of each color.  Her favorite color is pink, but what do you bet she'll want blue, green, purple.......  I stitched a ribbon bow at the waist just to give it a nice touch.

 I'm knitting socks-pretty constant thing-but I found this sweater pattern on the Lion Brand website, so I started it. 

I remembered that I had a box of nice worsted in a soft ginger color that was among my mom's things when she passed.  Since I'm the only one who knows what a needle is for, the family gladly gives me all the materials-Stan's family is the same, so I really have a lot of fabric, yarn, and notions.  It was funny that she had this color, she was usually into bright colors and pastels.  I wonder if she meant it for me.

This sweater will be all mine-if I like it I'm going to make it in several colors.

I know you must be getting sick of hearing about my health, so I won't say much.  Doing the exercises from the book Contessa recommended, and am actually feeling quite a bit better.  I'm only going to physical therapy every other week now-I think Jason knows the exercises hurt more than they help.  Monday I have my 3-month with the knee surgeon, we'll see how that goes....  Oh!  And I have an appointment for a massage on Monday, too!  My friend Stacy is a massage therapist and is anxious to see what she can do for my leg, too.

Onward and upward!  I'll get better really soon-have to-Mazatlan is in our near future!


  1. The pink Tutu is adorable. Hope the sweater turns out for you. And I bet that Mazatlan will cure all -- how could it not?

  2. So glad the book "Pain Free" is helping. I forgot to do my exercises one day and I hurt when I walked.

    Love the tutu, especially the colors. Please post a photo of Grace in it.


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