Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Boys

Stan and Steve bowl in leagues, and this weekend is the city tournament.  I was to be in charge of Sydney, so I called and asked if Sam could join us for the day.  We went to Burger King and then to the bowling alley for a couple of hours to watch Grandpa and Daddy/Uncle Steve bowl. 

Of course they have vending machines and pinball machines there, and the two tapped out my meager supply of quarters.  One of the bowlers from another team asked if he could buy one of the boys' crowns, so he bought Syd's crown for $1.00.  Then when Syd was making change from the buck, the guy walked up and just gave Sam a dollar bill!  (This was someone Stan and Steve knew and saw every week.)  When we were ready to leave, Sydney went up to the guy and asked him for his crown back.  The little con artist got it, too!

While we were downtown I stopped at Cactus Records.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw a crocheted sweater that kind of looked like tie dye.  I didn't necessarily want to buy it, but I thought it would be a good Christmas project for, well someone special in our family.  (Mustn't reveal too much-I think she reads my blog!)  Today, I went in and asked the girl how many they had in stock, and while she was checking on a size, I snapped a picture with my phone.  I felt kind of bad, but they did not have the right size, and probably wouldn't get any more in.  And I would like to change it a bit.  Anyway, here's my stealth photo.  Anyone know of a pattern for something similar?

When I dropped Sam off the two talked Sam's mom into letting Syd stay the night, so I am here alone until Stan gets home from the tournament.

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