Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Update

Had my shots today.  I was supposed to get two on L4, but they gave me two on L5 also.  We came right home and I went right to bed.  I slept for a couple hours, got up and ate lunch, then settled in my chair for the duration.  At 5:30 I decided I should lay down again.  I slept until 7:30!  I got up, went downstairs, lay down on the couch and fell asleep again.  Stan cooked a little supper and now I'm in my chair again.  It's 8:54 and I'm ready for bed, but I'm wondering if I'll sleep tonight!  Might have to get out the melatonin.

It was a good idea to lay low today!  Really can't tell about the pain yet-I think the right side is better, but they didn't do the left side, since it came late to the party.  I suppose that will be another session.....

Update-I went back to bed at 9:00 and slept til 4:30.  12 1/2 hours sleep in 24-unreal!  I'm alert now, must have been one of the things they stuck in my back.  I feel a little better today, but I didn't have the quick relief like I did last time.  I'm taking that as a good omen.


  1. I pray that they will work....

    ...meanwhile I was gifted a book at Christmas which just started to read.

    You HAVE TO get this book, I will even pay for it....PAIN FREE by PETE EGOSCUE. It has changed my entire thinking on body pain!

  2. Oh, that does not sound like fun. I hope the shots control your pain and that you can shake off the drowsiness!


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