Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Look

Decided it was time to get rid of Santa.  I started sifting through my pictures and ran across this photo.  This was taken in the early 20th century.  It's my Grandma's wedding picture.  From left to right-Grandma's friend who stood up for her; my uncle Stephen (my grandpa's twin brother);  Grandma Hazel; and Grandpa Bill O'Rourke.  She was a tiny, spunky redhead.  To me, in this picture, she looks totally unhappy to be in a dress.  She was always a tomboy.  I loved her dearly, she was always willing to spend time with me, and I spent many weeks in the summer at her little house in Livingston, MT.  She taught me to paint-watercolors.  I still have the picture she painted for me of two kittens playing.  She was a pretty talented artist, I'll have to scan a picture and show it to everybody.

Grandpa died when my mom was still in grade school.  Grandma later remarried, and her second husband died in the '60s.  Grandma lasted until the late 70s.  Grandma was born in the 1880's.  She always bragged that she was the first white child born in Yellowstone Park, at Mammoth, but we found someone else's Grandma who was born before her.  She raised 5 kids-my mom was the youngest.

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  1. Great photo, definitely twins! Your Gramma is lovely. Wonderful memories.


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