Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We decided not to get too excited the first couple of days.  The kids were infatuated with the pool anyway, and you have to go for that first walk on the beach.

We did go to Mega for groceries.  Millie wanted the little kids to see the store and pick out baked goods.  Dave and Laura came along too, so Dave could get ingredients for limeade, and hopefully for foccacia bread to go with the planned spaghetti supper.  We couldn't find yeast however, and I didn't bring my dictionary to look up the word.  Turns out we were too tuckered out to cook so we ate in the resort restaurant again.

We had a really cool experience  Monday night.  There is a group in Mazatlan that is working to save the endangered sea turtles, and they planned on releasing a bunch of babies into the ocean at the resort.  All my grandkids got a chance to release one!

Tuesday was another low key day, but some of us rode the bus to the Golden Zone, the tourist area.  More walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, and we bought shrimp from the guy on the beach.  He goes at the crack of dawn to the fish market and walks the beach in front of the resort with a cooler.  He always sells out.

Gracie has wanted to get braids in her hair since her parents were there in March, so that was a priority.


She sat so well for the lady, usually she hates to have her hair messed with.

We stuck the spaghetti fixings in the freezer and cooked our shrimp.  We ate every bit.

Father and son shrimp cleaning team.


  1. That very very special for the kids to get to release a turtle. We did it often in Acapulco and even discovered a nest on the each that we got to help save the eggs. Shrimp...yum!!

  2. The turtle release was completely spontaneous.. stumbled on by accident.. but it was one of the highlights of the trip! The kids are still talking about "their" turtles.. wondering how they are doing GREAT fun!


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