Sunday, October 9, 2011

Car Socks and Other Stuff

I actually finished these socks about a month ago, but the way my life goes these days, I'm finally posting about them.  I got the yarn from a garage sale.  There were several balls of yarn, I think I paid $5 for the whole thing.  No labels, but the girl I bought it from assured me it was all machine washable.  I think I'll err on the side of caution.   They started out intended for me, but Stan took a liking to them, plus I thought they were a little scratchy.  Stan will wear them over cotton socks when he's doing things outside.  I would have just worn them as regular socks so this is better.  I call them my car socks because they were made completely in the car-either riding or waiting to pick grandkids up from school.

I swear I had pictures of the socks half-finished, but I can't find them on my computer.  Maybe they're still in my camera.

 For the trip I started a pair for me (really).  The yarn is more of Deborah Norville Serenity sock yarn-wool, bamboo, and nylon.  This one is a girly color in a self-striping pattern.  I should be able to keep these.

Had a bit of a scare last week.  I had all my pre-op tests-blood, chest x-ray, and EKG.  Imagine my shock when my doctor calls and says I have to go right away to get a CT scan because there is a spot on the lung area on the x-ray!  Had the scan on Friday, but I'll probably have to wait til Tuesday to hear any results, Columbus day, ya know.  Sort of nervous, but I trust in God.  Years ago another doctor found a calcification in my abdomen during a kidney x-ray.  It hasn't shown up since on x-rays, but this particular technician might have been extra good and it finally showed up again.  I guess I'll find out pretty soon.  The trip is still on, and I have been cleared for the knee surgery.

Still a bit nervous about the very short layover time in Mexico City, but we're going to do everything possible to make sure things go smoothly so we can make that connection.  I will look over all their immigration forms to make sure they made no mistakes, and I'll remind them to have all their papers ready.  I think I'll talk to the flight attendants too, maybe they can radio ahead or something.  (One can wish-this is an American airline company, after all.)  We do connect with a Mexican airline and they just might wait for us-Mexican service is top-notch.

Did a bunch of baking this weekend so I can survive.  Some I will take with me, but most of the baking was just my regular food since I can't buy much.  I made a wheatless apple pie.  Very tasty but the crust didn't hold together very well.  I also made crackers, sugar cookies and my chocolate waffles.  I make a huge batch of the waffles and freeze them.  I spread the waffles with sweetened cream cheese for a yummy snack.  I always fix one to take with me when I leave the house, just in case I get hungry and can't find something else wherever I'm at.  I didn't like the cookies, the sorghum flour was a bit too pronounced-next time more coconut flour and less sorghum.  Some of the cookies really crumbled so I put them in a Ziplock and labeled it "Safe Cookie Crumbs" and will freeze them for use later in a cheesecake.

Well, pray for me and hopefully I can post a couple more times before we leave.


  1. praying that the "spot" is nothing to worry about and you have a wonderful family holiday!

  2. Sorry to hear of the scare and CT scan but better to have it checked out. It's probably nothing but they do tend to find things on these pre surgery tests. Love the socks.

    Sending you love and positive energy.


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