Tuesday, October 11, 2011

43 Years!

Happy anniversary to my sweetie!  We've been married 43 years-seems like 5.  That time just flew.  I told him this morning we would at least make 60 years-he wasn't so sure, but I reminded him his mom lived to 94,

We just had a quiet dinner at Sir Scott's Oasis.  We're going to be celebrating all week next week, so this was enough for today.  Our gift to each other is taking our whole family to Mazatlan, so we didn't have to unwrap anything!


  1. Happy, happy anniversary! I wish you many, many more too!

  2. Wow,43 years...Wishing you many more

  3. Happy 43 years of marriage. You are such a great team that you might make a record number of years in marriage. Enjoy your anniversary trip!


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