Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well, we made it home!  We did have a wonderful time, not without a few hiccups.  We had trouble getting there-remember how nervous I was about making our Mexico City connection?  Well we didn't.  The Butte Delta people messed up our boarding passes so we had to get them printed in Mexico City, therefore missing our connection.  I love that my daughter-in-law is on my side-she took the Delta people by their short hairs and stood her ground until they agreed to put us up in the airport hotel for the night.  The only problem was there wasn't another Aero Mexico flight into Mazatlan until the 20th-four days from then!  So instead they flew us to Culiacan, about 120 miles from Mazatlan, and then we took a taxi to Mazatlan.  Crazy but it was cheaper than buying bus tickets for 11 people and quicker since we wouldn't have to stop in each little town.  Our luggage made it just fine to Mazatlan and after we arrived Tuesday morning, they brought it to the resort.

Here we are at the airport in Butte:

Then Salt Lake:


Then here we are in Mexico City, after our blowup at Delta, at the Carl's Jr. where Sam threw up on the floor.  (Oh yeah, of course we had a sick kid-makes the day complete!)  He doesn't look sick but boy he sure tossed his cookies!  He did it all night the night before, too.

At least we only had to walk to our gate from the hotel-no taxi needed.  Gracie begged her mom to please not wake her up so early again!

But we made it-in time for lunch:


And we got to see Dave and Laura for the first time in about four years.  I called Dave from Mexico City and told him to have dinner on me, and hopefully they would see us on Monday.  So glad they did see us!

We were exhausted, but we were finally there.

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  1. Where to start....GREAT PHOTO!! Poor Sam! OMG, you missed the connection....well now you've been to Culiacan, the drug capital of Mexico! That is where Colin goes for his guitar concerts in March. You must have survived, you are back. However I suspect you need a vacation in Feb or March.


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