Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thirty some years ago, the neighbor across the street stopped by.  She and her sister were going to get some lilac suckers to plant in their yard and they wondered if I wanted one.  I said sure and they went on their way.  About three weeks later the husband came over with a sheepish grin and a bucket with a dead-looking twig in it.  "Sorry," he said, "We totally forgot about this and it's been dry for a couple of weeks."  I told him I'd take it anyway, and planted it because even if it never grew, it didn't cost anything to plant it.

Now look at that dead thing!

Sometimes it pays to take a leap of faith!

There's a rain drop on the lens in the first picture-the rain won't stop and the whole area is flooding.  We're OK where we're at, but I feel sorry for the people who live nearer the rivers and streams, especially those in Roundup, MT.  We took a drive on the back highway last night and the East Gallatin river is all over the place.

I wish we could just tell the rain to go south to cool down Texas and Arizona's terrible heat spell.  Maybe if we all yell at it together, hehe!

We did have about two days of sunshine and Merlin took full advantage of it.


  1. Lovely story about your lilac stick. So sorry to hear about the flooding. Similar things happening here but we personally are not affected. Glad you enjoyed your 2 days of heat. I think the world is going bonkers.

  2. Wow, what an amazing gardening story. My mom planted a stick several years ago and it's still pretty stick-like -- perhaps in time it will grow like yours did. We keep hoping!


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