Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Alice

We took a road trip today.  For a while now, I've been thinking I needed a dress form.  I checked out my local fabric store, which shall remain nameless because they always disappoint me.  They wanted my whole paycheck plus my firstborn child for the forms they carry, besides the fact that they had only smalls in stock.  Those of you who know me know I haven't been a small since I WAS small!

On to the Internet and my favorite fabric store-Hancock Fabric.  Yes they carry nice forms and only want $99.99 for them.  I found the phone number of the Billings store and called them.  They had a medium in stock and put it on hold for me.  In the meantime Stan got his Harbor Freight ad in the mail and was itching to go to Billings anyway.

We left about 10:00 and met our sisters for a Mexican lunch, then headed out shopping-first at Big Lots where I scored a good deal on a Bissell Spot Shot, then to Harbor Freight where Stan got a ton of guy-type doodads and a big rollaround tool chest.  Then we hit Hancock and got my form, plus some lovely fabrics for tops and some duck cloth to make a couple of bags.  Our last store was Kohl's to check out the competition, since they're building a store in Bozeman right across from the mall and Macy's.

A potty break and coffee to go and we were back home again by 8:35.  The dogs were naughty on my living room rug, so the spot shot is charging and I get to spot clean some carpet in the morning, grrrrr!

 The form is blue, so I have christened her "Alice" after the song, "My Sweet Little Alice-Blue Gown."

Now I can show photos of my creations on a form instead of on a flat old hanger.  Next time I'll drape Alice with something so we don't see her naked blueness through the sheer fabric!


  1. Well worth the trip I'd say -- Alice is lovely!

  2. All that shopping and you only got Alice!! So glad you found what you have been wanting and needing!! You will have many years together0))


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