Thursday, June 30, 2011


Had my physical a couple of weeks ago.  I asked my doc about my knee, it has been hurting a lot since I moved to the linens department and have to climb a lot of stairs to the stockroom.  She ordered x-rays and I find out that I have severe arthritis in the knee and will most likely have to have it replaced soon.  Rats!!  I just thought that when I fell last year I had a chunk of cartilage or bone that was getting in the way and a simple arthroscopic surgery would fix me right up.  I guess that's what I get for thinking........

They are going to move me to a different department at work, but that might take time for an opening to show up, so the supervisor told me to keep my trips upstairs to a minimum.  That's easier said than done, only one or two people know the stock as well as I do and it would be a worse pain to try to give someone directions to find something up there.  I'll try to be a good girl anyway!

The rest of me is in good shape-mammogram, blood workup, etc.  I have a bone density test on Tuesday-probably won't get off Scot free on that one-a person is bound to lose a bit of bone as one ages.  I don't like this aging thing, not one bit!


  1. oh my, that's tough. But I do know someone who had knee replacement surgery in her early 70's and she came through with flying colors and wished she'd done it years before instead of suffering as she had, so hope you are able to get the surgery soon.
    I'm in agony with sciatica myself and WISH they could do something to replace that pesky nerve! LOL

  2. Ouch..sorry about the knee. Here in Canada it can be up to a 3 year wait for surgery! A long painful wait. Try and take it easy. I know that most of the time it is just easier to do it yourself but your body is at risk now. Hugs!

  3. One thing about recuperation time-LOTS of time to knit!


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