Friday, November 12, 2010


2 1/2 years ago, I made the decision to quit my job and stay home with the retired hubby.  The plan was to sew my brains out and make the circuit of the local craft shows and farmers' markets.  Well, that didn't quite work out as well as planned-people in Montana just aren't giving up their spare change for crafty stuff.  I turned to Etsy thinking I would reach a broader audience, again with no results.

Money was getting tighter-had to trade in my beloved Buick since she was burning oil, and our health insurance took another big jump.  So for about a year now, I've been scanning the job market, looking for something with some freedom in case we wanted to travel but fun to do.

I stopped to visit with a former Bon Marche' co-worker last week in the mall, and she asked me if I wanted to come back to work for them-now the store is Macy's.  I jumped at the chance, so today I did my paperwork and next Thursday I will do my training.  I think I'm going to work in accessories, but any department is fine.

The only thing is-Macy's people wear all black.  I have some black clothing, but not nearly enough.  They gave me two coupons for discounts on a couple of items to get started, but I think I'll wait a bit.  I did stop by Jo-Ann's and got 3 1/2 yards of a nice stable black knit that would make a soft jacket or a swooshy skirt.  Used my Jo-Ann's coupon on that one.

I won't be blogging as much, maybe, but I'll try to keep up on it because I love this way of expressing myself.  The job is part-time Christmas for now, but I'm sure if I impress them with my hard work, I could be considered for permanent down the line-there's lots of turnover in retail.

Well, I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm very excited to have something of my very own again, and I won't be in the house all day with a retired man-LOL!


  1. Congrats and have fun with the job, sure you will enjoy yourself

  2. congrats on the new job -- hope the harried Christmas shoppers don't wear you out too fast!!


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