Friday, June 4, 2010

The Most Fun Ever!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth-just trying to catch up and regroup after two trips with less than 24 hours in between.

The first trip-off to Mazatlan with "the girls." If I were to think about what was the best thing about this trip, it would be watching my youngest sister enjoy it. Judy has a few delays but is a sweet loving person and is a joy to have along. She started grinning when we boarded the plane in Billings, and nine days later when I dropped her at her apartment in Helena, the grin was still there. She promptly set down her bags, donned her "Mazatlan" hat and headed off to her afternoon tea date to share her trip with her friends.

We tried to show her the most fun activities of Mazatlan. We rode the "Pulmonia" whenever we could, and made sure Judy rode in front with the driver. She was thoroughly infatuated with the Mexican men and probably would have run off with any one of them!

We ate, laughed, walked, sunned, toured, dabbled our feet in the Pacific, and just tried to enjoy as much as possible. We caught as many sunsets and happy hours as possible. Judy decided that margaritas were tasty indeed. White wine went down pretty well, too!

The first thing you do, after catching happy hour, is line up and wait for the sunset.

Definitely worth the wait!

We toured the city, and ended up high on the side of the hills. We could see all of Mazatlan and the harbor from there. This is the harbor that receives shipment of the Korean-made cars that Mexicans drive, and from there are trucked all over the country.

There was a restaurant near the viewing area, and the owner came out with an iguana that hangs out there-iguanas seem to pick an area and stick to it, our resort has a couple. This iguana was the biggest I've seen, and the owner placed in a young British boy's arms.

He wasn't too fond of holding it. so Judy took it. She has been to Guatemala and had a lot of experience with Iguanas. She started talking to it and it licked her on the nose!

Hopefully I'll post more later-we're off to a concert tonight. I do have to say that I agree with my sister-in-law Irene: We've both been to Mazatlan several times, but this has to be the most fun trip ever!

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  1. Look like lots of fun was had by all!!! Some day I'll get to go on a trip like this with my sister!


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