Monday, June 21, 2010

More Booties

I've been knitting again. A customer has requested a larger bootie, so after she makes her choice, I'll probably put the other two in my Etsy shop. I might wait until after Wednesday-thinking of getting a booth at our little Farmer's Market.

I like the larger booties, I make them from knitting worsted instead of fingering yarn and they hold their shape much better.

I've been contemplating putting some kind of no-skid stuff on the soles, since they could be worn by a toddler. I'd love to hear opinions on that.


  1. Great idea to add no skid soles. I'm wondering if a little rubber paint would do the trick -- sort of squiggle lines of it. Do they make rubber paint? I seem to think I've seen something like that somewhere.

  2. I was thinking of Shoe Goo. I could dot or squiggle it on. Hubs uses it on his walking shoes if they look like they're dying before he's ready to give up on them.


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