Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Mazatlan

Our building directly faced the ocean this time. I slept on the Murphy bed in the living room and would open the patio doors just before bed so I could be gently lulled to sleep. Turns out it wasn't so gentle-we were right in the middle of high tide! Lovely, anyway.

Hunting for seashells.

On the city tour we met Rosemary, another owner at the resort. She is 85 years old and suffers from macular degeneration. It hasn't stopped her-she flew all the way from Florida to Mexico alone, with a plane change in LAX. She said all you have to do is ask and people are willing to help. She is a delightful lady!

Judy loved the cathedral-the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. I've seen it many times, but it never stops being a treat to see.

Irene was recovering from a tooth extraction so she missed going to the Fiesta Mexicana at El Cid. Previously we've always gone to the one at Playa Mazatlan, but they have discontinued it. Too bad, the food was unbelievable. El Cid's food was OK but nothing to write home about, but the show was extremely good. Several of the acts from Playa now perform at El Cid, including my favorite singer Oscar Gomez. Dang that guy has pipes! Cute, too. El Cid had a breathtaking Aztec ballet-very worth the price of the ticket.

On Thursday Irene was feeling better so we decided to ride the bus to Old Town. Halfway there this clown got on the bus. Turns out there was a clown parade on the Malecon. (Beachfront walk) Then two guys got on and immediately started playing guitar and singing. What fun!

After we browsed the big Mercado, bought fabric and had lunch at Panama, we grabbed a Pulmonia to go home. Turns out the local college had just graduated and was celebrating with a parade, complete with tiaras, formals, tuxes and decorated vehicles. A Hummer was decorated with Post-its-all over. The cab driver scooted around the parade, cutting BETWEEN the traffic and took a scenic route back to the resort, through side streets. We loved being able to see new parts of Mazatlan-where the REAL people lived. What a fun day!

Friday we took a tour into the Sierra Madres to a little town called Copala. On the way we saw a rocking chair factory, a bakery with a 400 year old wood fired oven, and a brick factory where they still make all the bricks by hand.

We ended the day in the restaurant at the resort, talking until the sun went down. We had many heart-to-hearts that evening. We are permanently bonded and want to make this a yearly trip.

L to R-Irene, Mickie, Judy, and I'm in the back. Sistahs forever!


  1. oh, sounds like you had such a great time. You've made memories that will last forever. Aren't sister's such a blessing?! And thanks for taking me back to Mazatlan with your wonderful pics and descriptions. We really had a great week there.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics! Love them, and love all the smiles. Sounds like you four had a fantastic time! I am seriously going to have to add a trip to Mexico to my "bucket list" :0)


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