Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Still Alive....

It's just been so busy around here that I've barely been able to sew or knit, never mind blogging! The kids are moved in (sort of) and are slowwwly putting away their stuff. I'm trying not to stress over all the STUFF, but it's hard-when you get older you like your little orderly life and chaotic surroundings can really discombobulate you. They're just waiting for a couple of paychecks so they can have rent and deposit and then they'll be on their way (I hope). I love them, but I've always loved my empty nest!

I AM grateful to be alive today. DIL and I were headed to town this morning and when we passed the Belgrade interchange, a van came down the ramp and moved over three lanes right into OUR lane and tried to defy the laws of physics and occupy the same space we were currently in. I kept moving left, thinking, "Surely he sees us! Is he really moving all the way over?!" I started braking carefully and moving even closer and closer to the median. Just then my tires hit a patch of gravel left from Monday's snowstorm. My car started spinning! He had sped away, so I didn't hit the van. All I could think was, "Lord, don't let there be anybody behind me!" I kept gently braking and counter steering, and after about the fifth spin around my car straightened out. Then I was furious! I hit the gas and sped up alongside the van, honking as I did. He looked at me like I was crazy. He didn't even notice that he almost ran me off the road! My DIL got the number of the cleaning service on the side of the van and called the dispatcher. After she explained the situation, the dispatcher called the driver, then he called us and apologized. My DIL said, "Fine, but next time use the mirrors for what they were intended!"

We're both fine and are really aware of how bad it could have been. We must be still on this earth for a reason. God really spared us! If it had been icy the chances are good that we would have been seriously injured or killed.

The adrenalin has subsided and I'm exhausted, so here's hoping I sleep without dreaming about spinning cars!

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