Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Better Today

My knee is not nearly so swollen today, and the pain is a lot less. I still have to be careful climbing stairs, and I won't be doing any crouching for a while, but I think I can coast for a day to see if a doctor's visit is in order. I don't swell much or bruise easily so sometimes it's hard to tell what's going on. My self-diagnosis is that I bruised the bone pretty badly and hopefully there isn't a crack or bone chips. I fell directly on it with all of my *** pounds so that's a lot of force.

The last two trips we've taken, we've had family along that couldn't walk well, or had no energy, so I've been looking forward to doing some hiking or just lots of walking. We don't leave til Tuesday and we'll be there ten days so even if most of the walking has to wait until the last half of the visit that won't be horrible. I kind of need some "happy hour watching the sunset" time anyway.

Well off to the sewing room. I have a set of lined curtains to finish for the neighbor before I leave and I have a couple of hours left on them. Hubs went fishing, the bum!

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