Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remember This?

Well, we're going there again! Since we have such tight quarters here at the house, and since we have a ton of timeshare points to use, and since plane tickets are so cheap, we're running away from home for 10 days. Actually 12 if you count the two nights we'll spend in Billings-plane ticket prices from Bozeman are outrageous so it's worth a little gas to drive to Billings and stay with either Stan's sister or mine. And they can take us to the airport.

It's just Hubby and me. Nobody to slow us down, nobody to veto our plans, and we can just chill by ourselves for that time. We can take in activities that we don't usually have time to when we only stay a week. Plus the people of Mazatlan are lovely.

We leave Tuesday (yep the 23rd!) and will fly back to Billings on March 5th.

In my mind I'm already in Mazatlan.

I. Cannot. Wait!

Update: tonight, I got up from my chair to walk across the living room floor, and fell over my feet. I landed straight on my right knee. It hurts like the dickens, so I suppose a doctor's visit is in order for tomorrow morning. Hopefully it's not serious-my reservations are non-refundable. I have several offers from friends and family to go with me and be my fetch-and-carry person, just for the chance to bask on the beach.

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