Monday, January 25, 2010

And They're Socks!

My first pair of real wool socks knitted on size 2 needles, just like a knitter as experienced as I am should have attempted years ago. I was always reluctant to try the fine yarn and tiny needles just because I'm an impatient soul. But a year ago, I made slipper socks for family members for Christmas and got the bug. Sooo-after a trip to Jo-Ann's I set to work. I love them, they're soft and warm, and I'm sure they'll wear like iron. I probably won't show the next pair I hope to start yet tonight because I think the recipient reads this blog. Anyhooo-my triumph:

You might recognize the chair cushions that I made some months back. I don't think I posted when they were finished, but I really did hang in there until all eight were done.

A perfect fit. I like this style of heel-I don't know if it wears better but that's my theory. The kitchener stitch at the toes finally worked too. It took some practice but I finally got it. I also have worked a bit on casting on at the toe, too, but haven't found just the right pattern to use it on.

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