Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Actually Making Socks!

A few weeks back I picked up some Deborah Norville sock yarn at Jo-Ann's. I couldn't wait to start so here it is:

The first was taken yesterday just after I turned the heel and started the gussets.

Here I'm past the heel and gussets and on my way to the toe. I got farther today while coffeeing with a friend, but I didn't stop to take a picture. The yarn is 50% Merino wool, 25% nylon, and 25% bamboo. I've never been sure whether I'm allergic to wool or if it's just itchy on my super dry skin, so this is my wool experiment. It's really soft, so if I itch I can probably be sure it's an allergy, but if I don't-goody! This sock making is pretty addictive. Good thing, since I have to knit another one! Only thing is this stuff is super fine, and the needles are tiny. I have to pretty much work on it during daylight hours or under a really bright light. My pushing 60 eyes object to work in a darkened room. (Crap, I just admitted to the pushing 60 thing, shudder!)

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