Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time For a Change

I've been eyeballing my bedroom window for some time now. Several years back, I decided to make a window quilt to insulate the bedroom from our cold, cold winters. I made an Irish chain quilt and backed it with drapery lining, put batting inside along with a space blanket, then quilted it a bit. (A space blanket is the thin metallic blanket that firefighters carry in forest fires to insulate themselves in case the fire backs up and they can't escape. They also work to keep you warm in very cold weather.)

Only one problem, though. The quilt insulated so well that too much moisture built up on the windows. We have too much humidity in our house anyway, and this compounded the problem. I had to keep a towel rolled up in the window track and even then the moisture invaded everything.

Not pretty, eh? I could only handwash the quilt and couldn't do that very often because the space blanket couldn't take too much agitation.

Well, yesterday was THE DAY! I rooted through my stash and came up with some fabrics that I thought would be in keeping with my theme. I made a set of curtains, underlined, and put tabs at the top to hang them by. I wanted the openness to let the moisture escape. I like the finished product-it's a bit busy but I think we'll get used to it.

Kind of a log cabin, fisherman-outdoorsy theme. I'm not the typical woman-I don't care for flowery chintzy frou-frou decor. I like the serenity of the greens and blues and the feeling of being by a lovely lake.

The curtains join other things I've made for the room, like the hooped birds above my bed, made about twenty years ago:

And the loon quilt I made about ten years ago:

The colors of the curtains are a bit more brown-and-tan than I really wanted, so I added panels at the top and bottom that are a teals and greens fish pattern. It's fine-we just sleep there, but it is nice to wake up to such a serene scene. And I can throw it in the washer!


  1. I love that cabin fabric Marty! I am always looking for fabrics I can use for my hubby's scrub tops. Where did you find it? Your loon quilt is beautiful too. My goal this year is to actually get one quilt made-not just talk about it. LOL Have a good weekend.
    *your post below-my sentiments exactly and I know just the buffoon you are talking about. I wish he would just go away!!

  2. Betty, I sent you an e-mail, but I'll tell my other readers-I got the cabin fabric at Walmart. Hopefully the Walmart near you won't have phased out their fabric which is in their plans.


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