Sunday, July 12, 2009

Owie Weekend

First, Wyatt, the son of our good friends, was bucked off a steer at a Little Britches rodeo. He was rushed to the ER, and after three or four hours and many tests, they sent him home. Thank goodness he's just really sore and doesn't have any internal injuries or broken bones.

Then, grandson Sam fell into a campfire. He has third degree burns on his arm and leg. They spent three hours in ER too. He was sent back to camp with dressings and painkillers. They're home today and have to take him back to the ER for a dressing change. Being only almost four, Mom and Dad decided to make sure he got his pain meds regularly. I'll bet that poor baby screamed his head off!. They managed to have some fun on the camping trip in spite of the injury, but it was a good thing they were close to the hospital.

Jim and Millie should have a wing of the hospital named after them.

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