Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finished Object

Got the green sweater done. Actually I finished it several days ago, I've just been lazy about posting it. Sydney really likes it.

The worst thing about knitting a sweater-sewing the dumb thing together! I know, use circular needles, but I hate them, they're not comfortable for me and there are still seams that have to be sewn.

Syd isn't mad in this photo-afterward he said, "What did you think of my funny face, Grandma?" The buttons don't show up very well but there are three cars and two trains in various colors. I bought enough for Sam's sweater, which brings me to the next project.

The color isn't true in this photo, it's darker, close to a wine color. I thought about bright red, which is Sam's favorite color, but decided the slightly darker color would wear better. By the way, Sam is improving nicely. Millie is able to change his dressings at home, and he only has to go to the wound clinic once in a while to have the dead skin scrubbed. (Ouch!) He was well enough to go to Vacation Bible School today.

I finished Gracie's pants, hope to post some pictures in the next day or so. I have to finish my last pair, but there's just a bit left. I should be sewing right now.

The other day I decided to make Linda Permann's Swiffer cover. I just love how it cleans the floor-much better than the purchased cloths. I decided I wanted a tighter fit, and being the glutton for punishment I am, I made up my own pattern. I have one finished and am very pleased with it. I might make these for Christmas. (Millie, you didn't read that!) I hope to post instructions, or maybe even a tutorial soon.

I had my coffee date at the Co-op today. I need to go back more-I was checking out some cheddar potato chips that, at first look, seem to be "safe" for me. I should eat there more often-they serve wonderful food. I had a heavenly flourless chocolate cake, oh my!

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  1. i want to see the swiffer cover! :) i think all swiffer heads are different sizes depending on when you bought them but hopefully it was easy to adjust.

    it looks like you're getting a lot of knitting done- bravo.


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