Friday, July 17, 2009

Going Fishing!

Grandpa decided to take the kids fishing, one at a time. Sydney is staying with us for some spoiling so he's the first in line. I had to pack his own cooler, he couldn't share with Grandpa, and we had to have the string cheese and Nutella sandwich. Some crackers, a can of pop and a carton of chocolate milk and he's ready to go.

After the truck was packed, Sydney said, "Now what do we do?" "Now we get in the truck and drive to the lake," was Grandpa's reply.

Not a problem, "why isn't Grandpa in yet?"

"Okay, now we can go, don't forget to shut off my airbag, Grandpa!"

"Bye, Syd, catch some fish!" "I'll try, Grandma!"

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