Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ode to Yogurt Containers, Dutch Tupperware and Last Year's Strawberries

Our strawberry patch has yielded quite well this year, so I got out what was left from last year in the freezer and made freezer jam. First, I am so unhappy that they don't put yogurt in reusable containers anymore. I saved every one of those handy little guys and still use them. They get washed and stored for the next project. That's where the term "Dutch Tupperware" comes from. My husband is Dutch and we live near a large Dutch settlement. Dutch people are known to be frugal, and tend to save all the yogurt containers, whipped topping tubs and margarine cartons they get. Hence the term, "Dutch Tupperware." I'm not Dutch but I am frugal and it makes sense to me to keep these containers and use them. Besides, that means less plastic in the landfill.

The pectin instructions said I'd get 5 cups, but I can put 6 in the freezer.

With just enough for samples!

Love my label maker.

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