Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wedding Sewing

This flower girl dress was made for a friend's daughter's wedding last summer. They were on a budget and someone had given them a few yards of leftover wedding dress fabric. I had to make a pattern because she wanted the straps, but it actually fell together quite nicely. They had unused appliques too, so I used them on the dress. The flower girl, who is six, felt like a princess!

It was a Western-themed wedding, so I also made vests for the men-blue cotton with navy trim. The print wasn't so much a print as a two-tone tie dye pattern. Even the little boys had their own vests. They all wore jeans and cowboy boots, even the girls wore boots.

Then I got one of the bridesmaid's dresses. They had figured my plate was full so they sent the bridesmaid's dresses to another seamstress who shall forever remain nameless. They were too tight, the zippers were wonky, and the straps were way to short. Thank goodness she had left the straps uncut inside the bodice! When I had finished the repair and was hand sewing the lining to the zipper, I noticed my needle kept gumming up. That's when I realized she had glued the zippers in place! By the time they realized the other dresses had the same issues, we were running out of time so one of the bridesmaid's mothers stepped in to finish the repairs on the other dresses. At least the bride's dress was perfect. (She purchased it-didn't even have to alter it!) I've been promised photos but that usually doesn't happen!

I feel badly for the other seamstress-she was obviously over her head skillwise. Made for good references for my business in the future, though. I think my favorite thing to sew for is weddings. I love that I can take the time to make it look beautiful! And nobody squawks about the price!


  1. Well my goodness - my first time to your blog and such a beautiful dress I see! Both my mom and my mother-in-law can sew beautifully and I'm just starting to get back into quilting again. Plus I have an 18 month old granddaughter so she's giving me plenty of incentive to give it a try! Hopefully soon I'll have some finished sewing objects on my blog. :)

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