Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Bed

I've been wanting set Chloe up with a better sleeping arrangement. I don't mind her sleeping on the couch, but I wanted to protect the couch, give here something cozier, and keep her off the recliners. (She pouts like crazy when we run her off the recliners!)

I'd seen those round dog beds in the stores-the ones with a circular cushion all the way around and an indentation in the center. They look like something a dog would really like. I was being frugal (cheap) and had been putting off buying one, hoping to find a screaming deal somewhere.

I was cleaning out a closet and came across an orthopedic pillow that I had made. I'd copied it from one my chiropractor had. It was puffy around the outside with an indentation in the center.

Oh yeah! Sometimes my brain works like it should and I immediately put it on the couch and laid the fleece throw that she has claimed over it. You can see the results. She is in love.

Now isn't that the sweetest face?!!


  1. Awww, so cute!! Pet beds can be so expensive. Good for you for "recycling" that cushion you had already made.

  2. That face is sweet! What a fabulous solution! I've heard that we suffer from "Affluenza" here in the USA, LOL! So, it's great that you found the most frugal solution possible!!!

    Oh, thank you for entering my tatting giveaway! It would be so cool for you to learn tatting with your friend! Good luck to you! :)


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