Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Project of 2009

My sister-in-law is battling cancer and started chemo last week, so I thought she needed some comfort and care so I made her a prayer shawl. Of course, anything I lay on the couch becomes the property of Chloe, our Westie, so she gets in on the picture.

I just did a simple block pattern (knit 4, purl 4, then after 4 rows reverse). I used a bulky big skein yarn on 10 1/2 needles.


  1. good for you....blogging is fun...Arlene

  2. Don't be offended if, after a while, she connects the shawl with the chemo and then cannot bear it around. I have done that with a few things after three sessions of chemo. I am hoping when I am done chemo (3 more sessions, early March) that aversion will be reversed and I'll be able to use certain things again. For me, it's partly the change in my sense of smell (I am obsessively doing laundry using unscented everything these days) but it's also just connecting things mentally. She will love it initially, that's for sure! And she will love you for thinking of her.

    A friend knit me a chemo cap, the pattern of which she found on "Ravelry" a knitting blog thingy to which I do not belong. The yarn was also suggested and it is a soft cotton/acrylic blend. The hat is perfect too. I wear it all the time now. But don't use wool! Too itchy. If her hair is going to fall out, it usually starts in 2 weeks after the first chemo.

  3. That's definitely something to think about. Also the softest yarn for a chemo cap. I heard that the head gets really sensitive during chemo and hair loss. I did make her a cap with Vanna's Choice, which is really soft, but I didn't make a swatch and it's way too big. Not sure if I'll keep it or frog it.


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