Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Dress

I figured I'd better show something I sewed since this is supposed to be a sewing blog. I found this fabric on the red tag table at Jo-Ann's. I think the ultimate Christmas dress for a little girl is a green plaid with red or blue in it and being shot with a gold or silver thread makes it even better. I had this done in time for Christmas programs and the Princess looked fabulous in it. I used Butterick See & Sew #4860. I've had this pattern for a long time, so I'm not sure if it's still available. The collar was made to be just one layer, but I made it two layers with interfacing. The velvet lays much better that way. I accidently used the wrong notches to match the plaids in the skirt but Princess is so short, I was able to cut it down so I could get a good match. The pleats hung nicely-luck, I think. I prewashed all the fabrics and the taffeta washed like a dream!

Hopefully she can get a bit more wear out of it.


  1. That's very pretty! I remember making one similar to it when my daughter was a little girl. Hopefully some day I'll be sewing for grand daughters too!!

  2. Very cute dress. Thanks for the is a better day...

  3. really is such a small world! Where in MT are you? And just wondering, how did you happen upon my blog? Also, check out my scrapbooking blog if interested.


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