Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Sewing

I had to sew some things for the Princess' birthday. It started because every pair of pants she owns does not cover her little bum. I think this is the way most girl's clothes are manufactured these days. So I made a pair of pants with cows on them. Well, there was enough fabric for a top, too.

I tend to get on a roll, so I made the same top with the actual capris that came in the top pattern. This piece of seersucker is compliments of my neighbor. Her hubby hates to see leftover stuff-he's kind of a neat freak, so she gave me a couple of pieces that she had already used and had a lot left over. It worked out that it perfectly matches the sweater I made her.

She loved her new clothes, in spite of thinking the cow outfit was pajamas! Whatever-as long as they're worn!

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