Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Will I Get It Done?

One of my favorite barristas is having a baby in a few weeks. My friend Sherry and I are invited to her shower, which is Friday. I threw yarn and needles into my suitcase and started a sweater while we were in Mazatlan.

What better place for knitting and morning coffee?

Panting a little, but getting there. I'm doing the sleeves together, my second skein of yarn seemed to have a subtle difference in color, so I thought if wouldn't be as noticeable. So far I can't see a difference, I think it was how it was wound. The yarn is so old the labels are gone. I bet it's over 20 years old.
The yarn is a pompadour, usually I don't mind working with it, but this one likes to twist, the air is dry and the yarn sticks to my dry fingers. I'll be glad to be finished.

I'm giving her one of my hankie bonnets and some booties from my stash, too. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures when the little girl is born.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Second Home

We consider Mazatlan our second home and we are very happy to be here this week. Especially since the temps in Montana are -25°F all week!  We have a son house sitting so we can enjoy without worrying about our house or the dogs. They are having a balmy winter down here-low 80s every day. We'll take it. Not planning anything too exciting, made it to the supermarket yesterday, maybe el Centro tomorrow and dinner in town on the weekend. Mostly lots of relaxing, beach walking, eating and knitting.

The view from out patio. We prefer to be up a few floors  to see the ocean, but this was all that was left. This is very convenient anyway, a short jog to the bar, pool, and the beach. And no stairs!