Friday, November 30, 2012

And Today

I've been working a lot at Macy's, in fact I'm a little miffed at them.  They knew I didn't want full time, but I have it anyway.  I'm supposed to be able to schedule myself, but that's kind of a laugh.  If you don't pick a shift on a "key" day, they will schedule you and you may not like it.  I thought I had everything scheduled, but yesterday, after spending 45 minutes at the acupuncturist because of a devastating spasm in my neck, my boss calls and informs me that since I didn't schedule on the key days she did it for me.  Never mind that I had no clue when these days are-there is nothing on the scheduler that shows it.  I almost cried-I was in so much pain, which the acupuncturist attributes to the black Friday ordeal-she scheduled me to work at a time when I'm supposed to be at a luncheon given by a local charity in honor of all the city's church secretaries.  And the luncheon is supposed to be in my church!

She called me back and told me she had switched my shift with another girl's.  I can go to the luncheon, but now I have to work until midnight!  My family is up in arms-they want me to quit.  I think I will, I am too old for this, and my church job comes first.  Well actually, my health comes first and it is being compromised.  Millie is really urging me to give my notice-which I have made up my mind to do, just have to write up a resignation and deliver it.  I'm worried I won't get to go to the grandkids' programs, plus if I work all the shifts I have scheduled and my church days I will work six days next week!

My neck is improving but it's slow.  AI wants me to come back for another treatment, but I really can't afford it.  So far all the money I've earned has gone for acupuncture.

On the upside, tomorrow morning Millie and I are taking Grace and Sydney to a children's matinee of The Nutcracker.  Sam won't go, says he's too manly.  Sydney tried to talk him in to going and Sam tried to talk Syd into doing something "manly" with him and Jim.  These kids are too funny!  Then Stan and I have a Christmas party tomorrow night.  I love Christmastime!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Here and There, Bits and Pieces

Boy, working a second job keeps one busy!  Let's see-what have I been up to.  Well, first I've been working quite a bit at Macy's-last week was 30 hours in addition to my work at the church.  My knees are complaining loudly so I'm not sure if I'm going to make it through Christmas or not.  Don't think I'm going to go on after that, I have too many fish to fry.  I did buy some support socks yesterday from the "As Seen on TV" shelf at Walmart.  I put them on when I got home just to see how they would be, and I think they'll be a welcome addition to my work wardrobe.

There is some sewing and knitting going on.  I'm still working on Stan's goose decoy bag, can't forget to take pictures of that, plus I still have the Christmas blankets waiting to work on.  Then yesterday Stan asked if I would make him a polar fleece stocking hat for goose hunting.  I got the fabric out, but after black Friday weekend at Macy's I was too wasted to whip anything up.  Hopefully today.

I did make the treat bags for the church Christmas program.  I took over for the elderly lady that did them for years.  I wanted them to be done early just in case I got backed up, which is pretty common for me, ha ha!

Fun and quick!
Trying again to finish this post-I got rid of some pictures and resized the ones I wanted to share.

Uno before Thanksgiving dinner.

A beautiful place setting! 

I finished the hat order.  I made five and my friend picked out two.  I have three left that I think I'm going to post on our town's Facebook page.

I got the goose bag done, but the straps aren't long enough, so alterations are in my future with that one, and I made him a reversible hat-one side brown and the other snow camo for when he's goose hunting with snow on the ground.  Not the prettiest but he says it works very well.

I'll finish this post and move on to another.  Still haven't decided what to do about the picture thing, but I'll figure it out.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter Came!

It started snowing yesterday, and by 4:00 this morning we had 14".  Why do I know what it was like at 4:00?  Because a transformer blew (loudly) and the power went out-for 5 hours!  It bumped first, and I decided to get up and make coffee, then the power went out for sure.  The coffee was just done brewing so I put it in a carafe to keep it hot and waited....  The nice thing I found out is that my Kindle Fire makes a great flashlight-better than regular flashlights!  Came on at 8:00.  Stan went out at 6:00 to start shoveling.  It took him a while what with resting and eating and breaking the shovel handle!  The neighbor finally came over with his little tractor to help him finish.

Enjoy a little Montana snow:

6:00 in the morning.

8:00-after the power came back on.

I'm done already-I sure wish I could talk my winter loving hubby into moving south!