Monday, May 28, 2012


We had a busy weekend-a housewarming party, a graduation party, church, and I fed the workers at the church on Saturday.  So today we took it a little slower.  I fixed waffles for breakfast, then we drove to the cemetery to put flowers on our parents' graves.  Then I called the boys-Millie is in New Orleans this week, so Jim is alone with the kids-and invited them all over for a burger.  Steve did most of the cooking, something he loves, and we just had a nice leisurely evening.

Lounging around eating burgers.  Note Isaac on the exercise ball!  And see the doggie cleanup crew?
Then-after Jim and his kids left, Syd got on our little bike and yay, he rode it for the first time!  That's two grandkids that learned to ride their bikes in our driveway.  And with the same bike Stan got from the neighbor that had a "free" sign on it.  It's been a pretty useful thing to have.

Look at the utter joy on his face!
Now for some Monday night TV and early bed.  Still fighting the back thing, but it isn't as bad as it was.  If the chiropractor doesn't do the trick, I'm going to get acupuncture.  My massage therapist and the neighbor have both recommended the same guy so I think that's who I'll go with.  I'm going to lick this if it kills me!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Better Late than Never?

I am so behind on things.  My back went out and between sitting in the hot tub every day, doing the exercises, multiple visits to the chiropractor, I've neglected a few things.

Like my son Dave's birthday.  Haven't even sent his gift yet-his birthday was the 21st!  I am a bad Mommy! 

Anyway, a belated wish to my middle son.  Love you, Dave!

Dave and Laura in Mazatlan
I'm getting a yen to take a trip to Austin to see these guys-miss them a lot.

Oh, and the back is getting better so maybe I can get caught up.

Monday, May 21, 2012

From the Land

Asparagus from the garden.

Foraged morel mushrooms

Who needs meat?

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Week

Didn't mean to ignore the blog for so long.  It just seems things get in the way.  So here's the week in a nutshell:

Thursday it snowed-a lot!  The snowflakes were two inches across!

I sat in the hot tub with a ball cap on, to avoid a pile of snow on my head.  The flakes hit the water with resounding splashes.  Then we went to a funeral-stood at the graveside in the snow to say goodbye to a former classmate of Stan's.  Later that night, in true Montana form, the snow was gone and the sun was out.  Chilly, but we were still able to take in a Little League game.  Stan's sister Norma decided to take the night off from her kitchen remodel and come watch a game.  She was really tickled by the small serious ball players.

Friday was "Muffins for Mom" at Sydney's school.  Since his mom lives too far away, he asked Gramma.  Of course Gramma was pleased, especially since she knew Grace and Sam would be there too.  Grace and Sam didn't know and were pretty surprised.

I always take the grandkids out to coffee for their birthdays.  Things had been so hectic Saturday was the first chance we had to go.  Of course she likes to go to the local food co-op and sit on the balcony.  She has to have "fish salad."  (Tuna on a lettuce salad)

The chokecherries are in full bloom and oh so fragrant!  Too bad we don't get the berries from these trees.  The birds beat us to it-they eat them green!  Our trees are all getting so huge.

Yesterday I went to open the living room drapes and there sat Merlin on the arm of the couch.  Not sure why, but it was cute!

I took his picture, shut the camera off, then went back to finish the drapes, and this is how I found him.  The pictures on this little table don't stand a chance.  It must be a Westie trait to sit up high-both dogs like to do it.

And my log cabin afghan is coming right along.  The rows are getting longer, so I'm having to push myself to keep going.  Stan doesn't know it, but I think this will be his.

I was well remembered on Mother's Day.  I got cards, greetings, and flowers.  Jim and Millie gave me a cute brass hummingbird feeder that lights up at night with a solar powered battery.  Stan and Steve cooked lunch, and Stan made me a yummy gluten-free peach cobbler.

A nice laid back day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Warm Day

We FINALLY had a nice day today!  It was in the 70's all day with clear skies and lots of sun.

After an early dinner, we watched Gracie play softball.

Then back to the house for ice cream on the pew.

The "kids" were pretty content, too.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baking and Birds

Made some wheat-free Samoas (the Girl Scout type cookie).  They were kind of fussy to make-lots of steps-but pretty darn good.

And the goldfinches have their summer colors now.  Here are two of them on our finch feeder, along with a sparrow.  The sparrow is the one with the wings flapping.  You can only see the wings.

 Here's our bachelor sparrow.  He set up housekeeping in our finch house and has been tirelessly singing and calling for an eligible young sparrow lady to come join him and start a family.  Poor guy, he's been out there for a couple of weeks!