Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quiet Days

We didn't get too carried away with excursions, etc., this time.  We've done them all and have progressed to being quite familiar with the area and just go where we want to.

Tuesday was a pretty easy day, got some groceries and hung out at the resort.  Tuesday night was the Fiesta the resort holds weekly.  A buffet with lots of good food and great singers and dancers.  Could have won some tequila if I memorized a Spanish phrase and stood up in front and said it.  Didn't need the tequila so I memorized the phrase and stayed sitting! 

Wednesday we went down to Olas Altas, which is in Old Town to meet some friends for lunch.  Irene had a tummy bug (not something she ate, lol!), so it was just the two of us.  We left a little early and got a nice guided trip from our taxi driver.  I had wondered about the Machado family that Plazuela Machado was named after, since I have a friend by that name.  Found out they are very wealthy and at one time lived in a mansion on the Plaza.  The mansion is now a museum and the Machados live in El Cid, one of the most exclusive areas in Mazatlan.

Colin and Contessa, a couple I first met through their blog.  We get together at least once while we are in Mazatlan.  The Jewells winter in Mazatlan and summer in Canada.  The restaurant we ate at was La Cueva Del Leon, The Cave of the Lion, and is a place we will return to a lot!
Al Jolson was in Machado Square, the rest of the statues were along the Malecon, or public beach.

The theme of Carnaval this year is "La Linterna Magica," or The Magic Lantern, referring to the old-time projectors used in the early movie theaters.  Here is Marlon Brando.

Marlena Deitrich

Pedro Infante, a very famous Mexican singer who was born in Mazatlan.

Marilyn, complete with flying skirt!
Back for happy hour and Italian Night at La Palapa, the four star restaurant at our resort.  And of course a sunset.  This night we saw the green flash, but it's just about impossible to photograph, at least with my little carry-along camera.

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  1. It was a great lunch and we will go back.

    We can't get the green flash here on the Isla as the lighthouse hill is in the way. I do miss watching the sun set right into the water.


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