Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Can't Believe I Did That!!

Since I have a bit more time, what with the job change and all, I've been doing some sewing for myself.  Did a nice caftan out of some fabric I've had since 1987 when I worked at Ben Franklin.  About time, eh?

I've also been making tank tops and little light shirts to go over them.  The latest is this maroon set.

Instead of using facings, I cut cross-grain strips and bound all the edges, except for the hems.  Makes for a nice finish, I think.

I cut the strips at 2 1/4" and folded and pressed them.  I sewed them on with a 3/8" seam allowance then trimmed the seams down to 1/4" to reduce bulk.  Then I turned the strips to the inside and topstitched into place.  Trying to do facings on this stretchy stuff can make for some wonky results.  I made one button loop and put a shank button on it-just enough so it wouldn't shift.

This is one of my favorite closures-you're never going to button the whole thing up, so why not just have a little something at the neck?!  That's when I discovered this, to my horror!!

As I cut the blouse out, it crossed my mind to make sure the round things weren't (ahem) strategically placed and I thought I had.  I guess not......

I guess I can wear it unbuttoned...........


  1. Oh my.. this made me chuckle this morning :0)

  2. Too cute:))

    Love the style & colour.

  3. ha, ha, ha -- dare you to wear it buttoned to the mall and see what sort of reaction you get. LOL

  4. I'm thinking of wearing it to church tomorrow-wonder how many members read my blog?

  5. So did you wear it to church? Did anyone notice?

  6. Yes, I did wear it to church. Nobody mentioned it-don't know if they noticed. I did leave it open. At coffee afterwards, I buttoned it and showed it to Hubby's two sisters. They laughed until the tears rolled!

  7. That reaction alone makes you glad you did it I bet!


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