Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Small Change

I know I promised chickens, but I worked a 5-day stretch so haven't had time to finish it up.  Tomorrow maybe.  Anyway, I wanted to share my news.  A couple of weeks ago, our church secretary announced she was quitting to go full-time at her other job.  When I saw the announcement, I decided to give it to God for a week or so to see if I should apply.  A little background-I had that job before this gal did.  I was always sorry I had left.  The job I went to was way too stressful and even though it was a ministry as well, I never felt like I was really making a difference.

I am a deacon in the church and was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of being secretary also, but my three-year term is up in December.  I finally shot off a resume to the Council president, sharing my misgivings about what people would think.  Last night we had a special Council meeting to select a new secretary.  There were three applicants.  I announced that I wouldn't be a part in the selection process and left the room.  As I left, I told them not to worry about my feelings, just do what God wanted them to do.  I went into the office and prayed over the proceedings.  I didn't pray that I would get the job, only that God would put the right name in their hearts, whoever that may be.  Stan, who is also on the Council, told them he also wouldn't be voting-too close for comfort.  We did everything we could to keep it ethical and above board.

Long story short, they voted to hire me.  I am very happy about it, and the pastor has told me to be sure to do what I need to the office.  Actually I had been thinking of some things for a while-a lot of groups use that small office and it could be refitted to accommodate more things, such as when the deacons count their money.  Right now we count it standing up, around a tiny desk.  We could get rid of two desks and put in a small table that would work much better.  It will be fun doing that, and the pastor suggested a paint job would be a good idea, too.  Nice!

I will be staying on at Macy's but on a flex status.  I will log into the database on Sunday mornings and pick up a couple of shifts for the next week that will work around the 12 hours at the church.  Things fell into place so well I can't help but think God is in this.

There is a sad part.  One of the women that was not hired is now causing an uproar on Facebook because she and her family think it's unethical for me to have the job.  Most of her children have said things that Christians shouldn't say.  Makes me really sad-we were friends.  And Stan and I both worked really hard to keep things above reproach.

I'm just giving it to God and hoping that they will see what they are doing.  I know I have the backing of the Council and feel that I am not wrong at all.  I am going to work very hard to not get into any kind of row with them and only be discreet and loving.  Say a little prayer for me that this can be healed.


  1. Knowing that God placed you there is your confidence that you are exactly where He wants you to be. I pray that your friend will also trust that God has a plan for her too if she will just submit to His timing and leading for her.

  2. First of all congratulations. You have given and given and now you have been chosen. The road of life is never easy, there is a reason that this woman has spoken out. However it has nothing to with you, as you know that the process of selection was above reproach. Perhaps she applied for the positive for the wrong reasons and this is the result of her motives, she chose to be negative and non Christian.

    Meanwhile hugs. I think your knees are going to be happy with this path.


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