Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally Chickens!

I finally finished the chicken table runner.  I've had the fabric for months, and just about the time I'm ready to start, the customer would bring over more fabric.  I had gotten this far before the last drop-off:

She has seat cushions or something made out of the chickens and wanted me to showcase the chickens as much as possible.  I did a kind of log cabin style block-she said her curtains are red and white ticking stripe so I finished with the red.  The stripes are made with the bag of scraps she dropped off.

Then she dropped off this cute fabric-saying maybe I could use it for backing:

It's chicken wire print on white background.  Too cute to put on the back.  Instead I decided to make eggs to go with the chickens:

I stacked fusible interfacing with the fabric and cut out eggs.  I pinned them together, fusible side to the front of the fabric, and sewed all around.  (Don't leave a space for turning)  Make a slit in the interfacing and turn through the slit.  Use a point turner or knitting needle to turn it as well as you can-DON'T PRESS!  Place on your quilt where you want it and carefully fuse into place.

Then using your blanket stitch on your sewing machine, stitch around the eggs:

I goofed when I put it together to quilt.  I didn't cut the backing large enough-should be somewhat larger than the top because the quilting will draw it up.  Consequently when it came time to bind it, I almost didn't have enough.  I had to give up about 3/8" of the red that I really wanted to keep.  It was kind of a skimp!

A good seamstress's best skill is faking it so that's what I did!  I used the chicken wire fabric for the binding.

Finished chickens-finally!

I backed it with muslin-a much better choice than hiding that cute chicken wire stuff, I think!  Now I just have to take the time to drop it off at the customer's house. 


  1. You are one talented lady!! Your customer is going to love it.

  2. Oh, that is so cute and so clever --- love it!


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