Saturday, July 23, 2011

Now That Was Work!

I just spent the last 2 hours on the computer looking for and booking flights to Mazatlan.  That was a job!  First I found the itinerary I wanted on Priceline, and when I went to book they doubled the price.  Forget that!  Then I went to Hotwire and got the times and price I wanted, but of course you can only book 6 at a time, so I had to do 2 installments, actually 3 because while 11 of us fly from Bozeman, Dave and Laura will fly from Austin, and Hotwire was no help with that, so their tickets come from Expedia.

I think my credit card is a bit warm from use right now, but I got it done.  Dave and Laura will be there a couple hours sooner than us, but I'll get them on an earlier shuttle and inform the resort of the earlier arrival.  They can walk the beach til we get there.

Just 2 1/2 months and we'll be back in that great place!

Millie walking the beach on Stone Island


  1. Good job! A huge task. Now with all the points you'll accumulation on your credit card you can book another trip for you you & Stan for Feb.:0))

  2. My card is a Costco credit card. I need to get a card that makes mileage. You can only get so much "stuff" from a Costco rebate. Although I think we're going today and pick out a little TV for my office :o). But I do have Delta Sky miles so I racked up a bunch of points there.

  3. Thanks again :+) There are lots of us to coordinate, and you are doing a fantastic job! I can hardly wait for October now.

  4. That was a chore, I'm sure. The time will fly by and you'll be in Maz before you know it! Saludos amiga


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