Friday, July 8, 2011

Going Again!

Just booked our timeshare for October.  This is going to be a hoot!  We have our entire family-kids, grandkids, in-laws and an auntie, basking in the Mazatlan sunshine.  Gonna be so much fun!

Now if I can find decent flights for everybody-one comes from Billings (not a problem-she can drive over and stay with us) and two are coming from Austin, TX.


  1. How wonderful for you all. I read the details on Millie's blog. You are a very brave lady to be undertaking such a project. I think you are going to need a second vacation after Xmas. We won't be in Mazatlan until Nov.1 or so, but I think you will be too busy to do any visiting even if we were there in October.

  2. We are so blessed to be able to do this.... thank you so much. I am so excited to share another culture with our children, and just relax and have fun.. laugh and create special memories...

    You just might need a vacation after your vacation to recover!!

  3. Millie and Contessa-I plan on playing the matriarch-the "Abuela" of the group. Hopefully, I'll mostly sit and watch everybody have a good time. (Alright, I know better, I'm a type A vacationer!) What a place to be the Gramma-a country that respects the older generations.


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